Mapleleaf (Quadrula quadrula)


Presque Isle and French Creek in northwest Pennsylvania have a very diverse mollusk fauna.  Many of the species at Presque Isle have been extirpated due to invasive zebra and quagga mussels that attach to the native animals and reduce their survival.  The Natural History Museum includes 16 species of mussels from Presque Isle and eight species from French Creek. There is a relict population of mussels in Thompson Bay of Presque Isle that is monitored periodically and has seven species (indicated in the list *) with 137 specimens in the latest sampling (August 2009).

There is also a representative collection of mussels from the Detroit River in Michigan.

French Creek
Actinonaias ligamentina – Mucket
Alasmidonta marginata – Elktoe
Elliptio dilata – Spike
Epioblasma triquetra – Snuffbox
Lampsilis cardium  – Plain Pocketbook
Lasmigona costata – Fluted Shell
Ligumia recta – Black Sandshell
Ptychobranchus fasciolaris – Kidney Shell
Quadrula cylindrica – Rabbitsfoot

Presque Isle
*Amblema plicata – Three-ridge
Elliptio dilata – Spike
*Fusconaia flava – Wabash Pigtoe
Lampsilis cardium – Plain Pocketbook
Lampsilis siliquoidea – Fatmucket
*Leptodea fragilis – Fragile Papershell
*Ligumia nasuta – Pointed Sandshell
Ligumia recta – Black Sandshell
Potamilus alatus – Pink Heel-splitter
Obliquaria reflexa – Three-horn Wartyback
*Pyganodon grandis – Giant Floater
Quadrula quadrula – Mapleleaf
Strophitus undulatus – Creeper
*Toxoplasma parvus – Lilliput
Truncilla donaciformis – Fawnsfoot
Truncilla truncata – Deertoe