Dynamic Dunes Amphibian Collection

Below is a list of amphibians in our collection. You may view the amphibians we have found from Presque Isle or amphibians we found from other locations throughout Pennsylvania. The lists can be sorted by clicking on the column heading.

Qualified researchers may apply for a user ID and password for detailed collection information by sending an email to dunes@psu.edu.

OrderFamilyFamily Common NameSpeciesAuthorSpecies Common NameCountyCollection Count
AnuraBufonidaeToadsAnaxyrus americanus(Holbrook)American ToadErie1
AnuraBufonidaeToadsAnaxyrus fowleri(Hinckley)Fowler's ToadErie9
AnuraHylidaeNew World TreefrogsHyla versicolorLeConteGray TreefrogErie2
AnuraRanidaeTrue FrogsLithobates catesbeianus(Shaw)American BullfrogErie3
AnuraRanidaeTrue FrogsLithobates clamitans(Latreille in Sonnini de Manoncourt and Latreille)Green FrogErie1
AnuraRanidaeTrue FrogsLithobates pipiens(Schreber)Northern Leopard FrogErie1
CaudataPlethodontidaeLungless SalamandersDesmognathus fuscus(Rafinesque)Northern Dusky SalamanderErie1
CaudataProteidaeMudpuppies, Olms, WaterdogsNecturus maculosus(Rafinesque)MudpuppyErie1